​​​​​​Our Saviour Lutheran Church

Dallas Christian Ministry Monthly Food Drive

Dallas Christian Ministry is currently requesting the following items but desperately needs ALL non-perishable donations: 

  • Canned Pinto Beans
  • Blackeye Peas
  • Canned Meat
  • They also need clean, used grocery bags, hygiene and monetary donations at this time. Due to COVID-19, NO HOUSEHOLD OR CLOTHING DONATIONS. New coats and blankets will be accepted

Monthly Mission Emphasis

In addition to collecting non-perishable items for the Dallas Christian Ministry, each month OSLC emphasizes a different ministry with opportunities with which the congregation can engage through prayer, service, and giving. Each organization bears witness to the love and mercy of God.

     The mission emphasis for November is Laszlo Mission League and the 2 children OSLC sponsors. For more about these missions, visit their website (www.laszlomissionleague.com/).  

     Our Saviour Congregation sponsors two students in Hauna Village, PNG, a boy, Bendomas Roy Wangi and a girl, Azimah Thomson. Please pray for these children.  Their whole village is very poor, but they are overcoming since the missionaries have been there. Shirley Killosky is still there, but is getting ready to retire. They live in the jungle. If the river water gets low or floods this effects their lives greatly. They fish for meat, use the river for travel, and use its water in many ways. They plant gardens of vegetables that sometimes get washed out or flooded. Sago paste, scraped from the center of a sago log makes staple food. They still live in thatched roof huts, and cook over open fires.

     They have built many buildings for the community: a school, church, medical center, sheds for men to work, such as to use machinery to shell rice to sell, or saw logs to sell. Some of the men go up river as trained teachers to help students in others villages to hear God’s Word and to teach the children the basics of education.

     The village is Christian and has made a huge difference in the lives of the people. The men no longer go to war with their surrounding tribal peoples, but help them and help in their own village. The families co-operate together to get and prepare food, shelter, and have fellowship. The school teachers tell Bible Stories and sing Christian songs as well as teach the basics of education: reading, writing, and math.

     What a privilege to be sponsors for this ministry – LASZLO MISSION LEAGUE, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, HAUNA VILLAGE – the two students that we sponsor so they can go to school.

     Would you and your family like to sponsor a child so he/she can go to school? Go to www.laszlomissionleague.com and look at the opportunities: Please remember to pray for the children and the adults.

Our Saviour Lutheran Church